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First Stop Rentals - Job Details

Posted: Jun 17, 2020
Expires: Jul 17, 2020

Here we grow again! First Stop Rentals is looking for a Part-time Truck Driver to join their team. 


• Minimum 3 years experience driving a 3-ton truck and trailer

• Must be 25 years of age or older

• Must have a clean driving record

• Must provide 3 years of previous insured commercial driver history

• Must provide a letter of experience from their previous commercial insurance company

• Minimum 2 years client service experience


• Record credit card numbers on contract if new customer

• Record credit card numbers in reservation book if new customer or renting a loader/any

equipment valued over $100/day


• Clean returned equipment

• Paint equipment

• Test start equipment, spot equipment malfunctions

• Check and re-fill equipment and vehicle fluid levels

• Conduct routine equipment and vehicle safety checks

• Inform mechanic of needed repairs

• Assist with minor equipment repairs

• Load and unload equipment

• Check-in returned equipment

• Check reservation book at end of day and make sure equipment is organized and ready for the following day

• Service equipment and follow ALL instructions to a T with the service book AND tagging system


• Sweep and mop floors (move equipment if needed)

• Maintain clean restrooms

• Maintain clean display areas

• Empty trash & waste buckets

• Maintain clean yard and parking lot

• Stock service area

• Wipe down shelves and equipment in showroom

• Help load and unload equipment (customer is fully responsible for strapping equipment in their vehicle - we are not liable for this)

• Organize equipment by seasons

• Keep merchandise organized and easy to reach when stocking

• Grind and temper jackhammer bits

• Empty tub of varsol when too dirty to use to clean filters

• Report safety violations to supervisor


• Answer phones, greet and assist customers

• Reserve equipment in the reservation book

• Conduct how-to tutorials for clients on how to operate equipment and loaders


• Assume employee responsibilities

• Attend store and safety meetings

• Perform other duties as assigned

• Maintain equipment and vehicles

Resumes can be forwarded to: Alexis Earl

For assistance with job search and application preparation, unemployed individuals are invited to register with CSE Consulting. For more information about the benefits of registering with CSE, please contact us in Kemptville at 613-258-6576 or in Prescott at 613-925-0222.

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