Extrusion Operator

Prescott Full Time

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Posted: Feb 25, 2020
Expires: Mar 31, 2020

Main Roles and Responsibilities of Position:

  • Be able to locate and setup the equipment and tooling needed to produce the article within the allowed Staka setup time.
  • Acquire the necessary materials (e.g. compound, packaging material, etc.) and complete the related paperwork (production order, dimensional data sheets, ect).
  • Monitor production and make minor adjustments as needed to maintain product specifications.
  • If the product produced is unacceptable, the operator must be able to take corrective actions. This includes adjusting the process parameters or informing the supervisor.
  • Fill out all of the appropriate production documentation, and collect lab samples per the plant’s working instructions.
  • Upon completion of the order or at the direction of the supervisor, the operator must be able to assist with the dismantling of the equipment used, placing all equipment and material (regrind, scrap, and tooling) in the proper location.
  • Keep their assigned line(s) and the surrounding areas clean.
  • Fully understand the documents (Staka, MZE, LZ, Process parameters, Tooling checklist, ect).
  • Calculate material quantity required for a production run.
  • Calculate expected duration of a production run.

Important Individual Tasks: 

  • Complete any routine preventative maintenance tasks per the plant maintenance program. Any problems with equipment, beyond the expertise of the operator, should be reported immediately to the supervisor.
  • At shift change either departing or arriving, the operator must check the lines and documentation to ensure that everything is in satisfactory order and that all relevant information is exchanged. This is a joint effort that should be facilitated by the Shift Supervisors.
  • Use all Personal Protection Equipment and follow required Health, Safety and Environmental procedures.
  • Take responsible precautions for the safety of those in your area.
  • Be able to lift a minimum of 30 kgs.
  • Operator must keep their assigned equipment and surrounding area clean.

Education and/or Experience Required:

  • Techinal and mechinal skills
  • Math skills required 

Personal Characteristics: 

  • Must be flexible an adaptable team player.
  • Independence, ability to work without close supervision 
  • Be able to preform under pressure
  • Must be able to communicate clearly

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